November 2017 Best Bets

With the unusual weather patterns that we have experienced during this entire year it will be rather difficult to accurately predict what is going to be coming or going during the month of November. However, we will give it a try as 40 years of experience will help a little bit.

St. Joe Bay and Intercostal waterway as well as crooked island sound will be loaded with those large speckled trout and red fish, especially in the deeper water as the intercostal waterway is always the place those large speckled trout look to spend the fall before heading for the deeper water. The king mackeral appear to be running behind schedule due to the water near shore in the gulf still holding a higher temperature. The best part is there are quite a few extra- large kings that are beginning to make their way south again.

Offshore fishing during this month will be changing as the water temperature changes, however, if some cooler weather comes in and lowers the water temperature as usual there should be some excellent grouper fishing offshore in that 150-220 feet of water. You will have to be careful because the big old red snappers are going to try to take any bait you put down as well as all those many trigger fish. The scamp should be coming on strong and there appears to be more than usual wanting to come back to the dock with you. I am not sure whether any of those large traveling fish like the wahoo will still be passing by in that deeper water but keep your eye out as they may very well be.

Now is the time to start repairing any and all of the fishing tackle like your deep water rods and reels that have been well used during the summer. It is also the time when we also start cleaning and putting everything back in order on our boats so we will be ready for a good spring time run.

Don’t forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return.

Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.

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