February 2017 Best Bets

Midwinter is never a good time to plan on going off shore to the deeper water fishing, unless a few good days of weather decides to show up during the month of February. It does happen every year or two and I am not sure what the weather will be this February as it has been so different all of 2016 and still coming on different than normal.

The scamp and red grouper and other off shore fish really do get hungry during the January and February and are ready for some good bait but check the weather ahead of time before planning a trip.

Inshore and bay fishing just continues to get better during February most years. Those big ole reds and speckled trout seem to get hungrier in February than other months. Besides, the pompano, triple tail, sheepshead and whiting are all looking for a good bait to bite on. The best way to have a good fishing day in February in the bay is to try one spot after another until you find the fish gathered up. Put you a buoy out and some good bait and make sure you’ve got ice in the fish box.

Don’t forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return.
Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.