July 2013 Best Bets

If the hot weather of this time of June is any indication of what July will be like, you need to wear a really broad rimmed hat because the indications are it will be in the 90s for the month of July. The best part is that it will not keep the fish from biting in that there seems to be plenty of fish that want to go home with you. I know we cannot bring home any red snapper during July except those people fishing in state waters until July 14th. The main fish in July will be the offshore gag grouper, red grouper and all the other deep water grouper including scamp. There is a lot of grouper that are showing up and some of them are even in the inshore waters, so you should not have any trouble catching your limit of grouper while you are also putting a wahoo or mahi mahi in the boat. The mahi mahi have come on pretty strong during this latter part of June all the way from the chicken dolphin to some really nice ones.

Inshore fishing is going to be real good in July particular the king mackerel and the Spanish mackerel there are a few others including some close in wahoo that might want to go home with you. Fishing in the bay is still coming on strong with speckled trout and redfish leading the way. There are plenty of whiting running the beaches so you should have no problem catching on themes of fish. I believe July is going to be a very good month to bring home a nice catch of fish.

Don’t forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return.

Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.

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