June 2012 Best Bets

It’s here, it’s here those big old red snapper had better start looking the other way or we will have them on a one way boat ride to the dock. There are so many snapper in the Gulf that we have had to release that they are beginning to get in each other’s way just trying to get enough to eat. They are already eating the trigger fish eggs and other small fish that should normally be able to grow up and become table fare. It’s seems that June the 1st would just never get here this year and the Government would allow us to eat some red snapper. As you probably already know the Government will stop us from bringing home any amberjack for the months June and July. They have also denied us the privilege of bringing home a gag grouper for the month of June. In other words, NOAA is interfering the with the natural order of the fish population in the Gulf and it is having a huge detrimation on all species of fish in the Gulf.

Let’s talk about good times and good fishing now that I have cleared my mind. The large king mackerel, mahi mahi, amberjack and wahoo are really showing up big time and after you catch your limit of red snapper the trolling should produce a really great catch.

Offshore fishing has just been getting better and better during the month of May and I foresee even greater catches during the month of June. The water temperature is already much higher than normal and I don’t see a change in that pattern this summer. The only thing this indicates to me is that we may experience one or more of those bad hurricanes, hope not. I hope that offshore fishing during the month of June will be as good as my expectations are.

Don’t forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return.

Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.

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