April 2012 Best Bets

April 2012 Best Bets from Mexico Beach

Now that we are allowed to bring home four red grouper, amberjack and scamp as well as plenty of trigger fish and vermillion snapper, offshore fishing will come on big time. The weather appears to be turning in our favor and it looks like April is going to be the month we have all been waiting for to go offshore fishing. Just think the wahoo, mahi mahi and those large king mackerel will be there also. I have been waiting since last October to really spend some time offshore looking for those large ones.

I fully expect inshore fishing to be just as exciting and plentiful. The red fish are just getting more numerous and larger every day. The spanish mackerel are already here and the king mackerel should be arriving any day. The big exciting one is the cobia (ling) and there have already been a few sighted along the beaches west of Mexico Beach and I fully expect a really great season with plenty of cobia available as well as some very, very large ones. It would not be surprising if the size record for cobia is broken this season. Last but not least I believe the weather this fishing season is going to be well within our wishes and I can hardly wait.

Don’t forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return.

Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.