September 2011 Best Bets

At least for one time this year, I may have gotten the fishing projections right when I was talking about the time to troll for the big fish. During the month of August, so far, we have landed the largest wahoo that we have ever caught as well as another charter boat, The Big Time, also landed a huge wahoo. The mahi-mahi have come on strong and they are also plenty big. I do expect this type of fishing to be excellent right on through September and into October, so when you are heading offshore or returning from offshore, don't forget to have those fast trollers in the water. The red grouper, vermillion snapper, amberjack, and even the white snapper, are really coming on big time. And, if the water temperature will just start getting a little lower this month, fishing will get even better. I expect fall fishing offshore to be just like red snapper fishing was in June and July, fantastic.

Inshore fishing is running very good even with the water temperature higher than I have seen in several years. You just have to fish in a little bit deeper water in the bay and along the shoreline, but the fish are still there except for the king mackerel and Spanish which have moved further offshore into the cooler, deeper water. It may take a little chumming to bring the Kings up toward the top where you can catch them, but you might also try trolling with a sliplead 10-12' in front of your bait to take your bait deeper into the water. It seems to be working real well on the Kings at the time and I just expect King fishing to get better and better as the fall comes on. Spanish mackerel fishing has been pretty steady all summer and will probably remain so until the second good cold front. I am still expecting a great fall fishing experience in all areas until that second large cold front moves in which may not happen until late November or even December. As a footnote, I just received rumor today that the government is going to allow all of us to fish for red snapper for a few more days in October. I'm not sure that this info is anything more than rumor, but hope so.

Don't forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return. Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.

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