August 2011 Best Bets

From Mexico Beach

For all of us that thought June was fantastic fishing, they are now fishing in July which is even better. The red snapper, red grouper, and trigger fish seem to be just getting larger and more plentiful even though hundreds of recreational fishermen and all of the charter fishermen are bringing in their limits every day. You would think by now that the government fish managers would realize that we can fish quite a bit longer during the summer than 48 days. I am not sure at this point what we will be able to bring home during this month of August except that I do know we can still catch our limit of red grouper, trigger fish, vermillion snapper (b-liners), white snapper, and of course, there’s always those large wahoo and mahi-mahi. I also understand that we may be able to bring home an amberjack as of August the 1st. For those of you that like to troll for large fish, August and September are going to be THE MONTHS to plan a great fishing trip, and there appears to be a plentiful supply of fish that will be available to bring home and put on the grill. I even saw a 91-pound wahoo put on the dock July the 3rd.

Inshore fishing has not changed from being the exceptional. The only change has been the water temperature had gotten hotter and the fish have gotten more sluggish during the middle of the day. But that early morning and late afternoon fishing is really paying off with the speckled trout, red fish, whiting, and pompano. During the middle of the day when it is so hot, you should try all of the deep water holes because that’s where the fish will be hanging out in that cooler water. I am looking forward to September and October when the weather is going to cool off a bit and I believe the fish are going to turn on BIG TIME.

Don’t forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return.

Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.
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