November's Best Bets

Snapper, snapper, snapper everywhere and now NOAA said we can go catch them Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the whole month of October and until November 22nd. It would be so much better, I believe, on the fish and the fishermen if they would just extend our snapper fishing to 2011. However, they made the decision and we are enjoying it as long as the weather will allow us to fish in the Gulf. The other part off shore fishing has some very fine grouper, scamp and amberjack coming to the dock. I don’t know where they came from but we have some real nice vermillion snapper that are showing up in good schools. All you have to do is find where they are hanging out and lower the bait to them. The king mackerel are here both off shore and near shore in good numbers and large sizes as well as some really nice spanish mackerel.

Near shore fishing is extremely good during this month of October and hopefully the weather will allow the fish to stay productive into November. The weather is cooling down the water just enough to turn on the speckled trout, flounder and red fish both in the bays and near shore in the Gulf. Also the red snapper and trigger fish are really stacked up on the near shore artificial reefs especially around the car body reef near Mexico Beach. I have a serious question about the weather during this month of November however, over the years I have known of many November’s that had beautiful fishing weather and I am hoping this will be one of them.

I hate to even bring up the subject of oil in the Gulf, however there is a lingering question as to the long term effects that the oil on the bottom in the deeper waters will have on the overall fish population in the gulf. I don’t think there is anyone that has the answer to that question. However, I’m willing to keep watching and help to solve that riddle as I hope everyone will also. If you see any signs of oil having a deteriorating effects on the fish please report it to the Florida Saltwater Fishing Committee.

Don’t forget to file a float plan, and let somebody know when you are going to return.

Be safe. Good fishing and good luck.